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Maja Bosanac, Radovan Grandić (survey scientific article)

Educational Implications of “Six Thinking Hats” 11–24

DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022011B


Ernest Okpako (original scientific article)

Comparative Investigation of Job Motivation, Perceived Job Stress and Job Satisfaction on Teachers Efficacy Among  Public and Private Secondary School Teachers in Ekiti Statet, Nigeria 25–42

DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022025O


Aleksandra Milošević (original scientific article)

Social Distance of Class Leaders from Primary and Secondary School Students and their Parents 43–66

DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022043M


Milan Komnenović (survey scientific article)

The Role, Position and Importance of Boarding Schools in the Education System 67–84

DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022067K


Branka Jablan, Jasna Maksimović (survey scientific article)

The Development of Inclusive Education with Regard to Teacher Competencies: Current Situation, Problems and Perspectives 85–100

DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022084J


Ana Slavković (survey scientific article)   

Acceptance and Closeness as Opposed to Rejection and  Neglect as Emotional Aspects of a Parent/Child Relation, and their Influence on Young Personʼs Mental Health  and his Social Competence 101–120

DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022101S


Živorad Milenović (survey scientific article)

Educational Activities and Learning in the Lebensborn Project of Nazi Germany 121–130

DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022121M


Marina Semiz (survey scientific article)

Pedagogical Implications of Different Approaches to Assessing the Quality of Student Knowledge 131–152

DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022131S


Mirjana Stakić (professional article)

Introducing Phraseologisms Units in Junior Grades of Primary School 153–164

DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022153S


Safija Skomorac-Pezer, Sanela Merjem Rustempašić (professional article)

The Application of Experimental Method in Teaching Environmental Education 165–180

DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022165S


Slobodan Pavlović, Dragan Marinković, Nebojša Mitrović (original scientific article)

Motor Skills of Primary School Children –  The Differences Compared to Age 181–194

DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022181P


Radoje Jevtić (professional article)

Digital Violence and the Role of Different Factors in ITS Prevention and Sanction in Serbia 195–212

DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022195J


Nenad Stefanović, Jelena Plašić (professional article)

Digital Transformation Model of Education Processes Through Cloud Services 213–232

DOI: 10.5937/ZRPFU2022213S