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Download Complete 21/2019



Olja Džinkić (survey scientific article)

Historical Display of the Reformed Pedagogical Ideas – Todayʼs Outcomes and Achievements (p. 9–26)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.009DZ

Mariola Đorđević (original scientific article)

The Teacherʼs Role in Promoting Prosocial Behaviour of Students (p. 27–44)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.027DJ

Jelena Stamatović, Irena Stojanović (original scientific article)

The Role of School in Peer Violence Prevention (p. 45–60)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.045S

Aleksandra Jovanović (survey scientific article)

School Climate and the Prevention of Peer Conflicts (p. 61–76)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.061J

Nena Vasojević, Ivana Vučetić, Snežana Kirin (professional article)

The Application of Lin Management in Schools:Case Study Review (p. 77–88)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.077V

Marija Smuđa, Slađana Luković, Danijela Petrović (original scientific article)

Social Distance and the Structure of Stereotypes of Primary School Students Towards Roma: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis (p. 89–108)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.089S

Refik Trumić (original scientific article)

Fostering the Involvement of Pupils in the Teaching Process Trough the Application of a Cooperative Study (p. 109–128)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.109T

Mirjana Čutović, Daliborka Purić (professional article)

The Importance and Possibilities of Developing Tolerance by Using a Literary Text in Preschool Children Education (p. 129–142)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.129C

Mirjana Stakić (original scientific article)

Fairy Tale as a Language model for Teaching Grammar in Lower Elementary School (p. 143–156)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.143S

Katarina Mijaljević (professional article)

Image of Serbia in Textbooks for Serbian as Foreign Language Published at University of Krakow (p. 157–170)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.157M

Svetlana Terzić (original scientific article)

Russian Imperative Proverbs Compared to Serbian Ones (Methodical Aspect) (p. 171–182)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.171T

Dragica Maksimović (professional article)

The Use of Strip in German Language Elementary School Teaching Material (p. 183–192)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.183M

Nenad Milinković, Sanja Maričić (original scientific article)

The Access to Contents on the Dependence of Results on the Change of Computer Operating Components in Mathematics Text Books (p. 193–206)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.193M

Mika Rakonjac, Jasmina Milinković (original scientific article)

The Impact of the Application of Different Representations of Terms and Procedures on Conceptual Understanding (p. 207–226)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.207R

Marija Ivanović (survey scientific article)

Modern Media in Teaching Music – Didactic Specifics and Potentials (p. 227–242)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.227I

Milica Gučanin (survey scientific article)

Physical Education in Modern Teaching (p. 243–252)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.243G


Gordana Ljubičić (professional article)

Some Facts about Sports Terminology (p. 253–262)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.253LJ

Vladan Pelemiš, Slobodan Pavlović, Anita Šolaja (survey scientific article)

Expert Systems in Sprint (p. 263–278)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.263P

Veljko Aleksić (professional article)

Digital Game-based Learning Operationalization Strategies (p. 279–290)

DOI: 10.46793/Zbradova21.279A