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Download Complete Journal 19/2017


Jelena Stamatovic, Aleksandra Milosevic (original scientific article)

Position and Implementation of Educational Programs in Modern School (p. 9–20)


Marina Ilic (survey scientific article)

Pedagogical Implications of Weiner’s Attribute Theory of Achievement  for the Initial Teacher Education (p. 21–38)


Biljana Stojanovic-Jovanovic, Stevan Jovanovic (professional article)

Education of Female Children in Serbia in the First Half of XIX Century (p. 39–46)


Zorica Milinkovic (professional article)

Scopes and Limitations in the Application of a Case Study in Pedagogical Research (p. 47–58)


Mia Maric, Maria Sakac (survey scientific article)

Nature and Quality of Children and youth Relations to Elderly People in our Social Environment (p. 59–74)


Daliborka Puric (professional article)

Professional Development of Teachers in the Function of Developing Interculturality (p. 75–92)


Mirjana Stakic, Mirjana Cutovic (original scientific article)

A Textbook as a Motivational Means in the Serbian Language Teaching      (p. 93–108)


Gordana Ljubicic (professional article)

Dictionaries in Foreign Language Learning (p. 109–116)


Sanja Maricic, Nenad Milinkovic (original scientific article)

The Role of a Textbook in Creating Conditions for Contextual Approach to Learning the Contents of Algebra in the Initial Teaching of Mathematics (p. 117–130)


Andriana Danilovic (professional article)

Street Art and the Abuse of Art – Building a Critical Observer (p. 131–142)


Nina Stojanovic (professional article)

Possibilities of Applying the Project-Based Teaching Model in Art Education (p. 143–152)


Nada Miletic, Natasa Vukicevic (original scientific article)

Visual Art Interpretation of the Experience of a Music Piece (p. 153–168)


Maria Ivanovic, Maja Calic (professional article)

Perceiving a Music Format at Preschool and Younger School Age (p. 169–182)


Goran Sekeljic (original scientific article)

Planning and Programming of Teaching Units in Physical Education (p. 183–198)


Milovan Stamatovic (original scientific article)

Contribution of Physical Education Teaching to Anthropometric Changes in Body Development (Body Height and Body Weight) of Pupils, Depending on the Material and Technical Work Conditions (p. 199–210)


Zivorad Markovic (original scientific article)

The Preciseness of Preschoolers – Differences by Gender (p. 211–2249


Branka Arsovic, Lidia Zlatic (professional article)

Computer video-games as Educational Media in Younger Age – Advantages and Disadvantages (p.  225–236)