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Predrag Živković (survey scientific article)

Triangulation of Research Methods in Social Phenomena Research: Anamorphic Objection (p. 11–30)


Snežana Marinković, Teodora Marinković, Lidija Zlatić (survey scientific article)

Content Components of the Convention of the Rights of the Child and Folk Pedagogy in Function of Pupils Development (p. 31–46)


Jelena Stamatović, Jasna Maksimović (original scientific article)

Perception of School Principals on the Development of Quality and Inclusiveness of the Educational Process as the Standards of Their Competences (p. 47–56)


Bisera Jevtić, Mariola Đorđević (survey scientific article)

Possibility of Preventing Peer Violence by Promoting Prosocial Value Orientation (p. 57–70)


Milan Komnenović (professional article)

Socioemotional Adaptability of Adolescents in a Dormitory (p. 71–88)


Slađana Luković, Lidija Zlatić (survey scientific article)

Affective Attachment in the Contest of Cognitive Development – Pedagogical Implications (p. 89–98)


Vuk Sekač (professional article)

Evaluation of Knowledge in an Electronic Textbook (p. 99–118)


Ljiljana Kostić (survey scientific article)

Memories of King Milan in the Context of Pera Todorovicʼs Memoir Prose (p. 119–132)


Nataša Damljanović (survey scientific article)

Esther Greendwood`s Colonization Seen through the Prism of the Bildungsroman (p. 133–144)


Mirjana Čutović (original scientific article)

Developing Social Intelligence through Fable Interpretation in a Class (p.   145–162)


Daliborka Purić (original scientific article)

Exercise in Serbian Language Teaching in the Function of Improvement of Primary School Pupilsʼ Oral and Written Expression (p. 163–176)




Mirjana Stakić (original scientific article)

The Status of the Subject of Rhetoric at the Teacher-training Faculties and Faculties of Pedagogy (p. 177–190)


Gordana Ljubičić (professional article)

Derivation in English – Names of Professions and Their Translation into Serbian (p. 191–198)


Sanja Maričić, Sanja Zekić (original scientific article)

Presence of Learner Autonomy as an Element of the Target model of Motivation in Elementary Mathematics Education (p. 199–212)


Mika Rakonjac (original scientific article)

The Impact of Testing Functional Dependence between Sizes in Successful Solving of Mathematical Problems (p. 213–234)


Aleksandar Ignjatović, Bojan Miloradović (survey scientific article)

Physical Education in Cross-Disciplinary Approach in Elementary School (p. 235–248)


Slobodan Pavlović (original scientific article)

Prediction of Body Mass Index (ITM) and Physical Activity of Parents on Physical Activity of Students at Physical Education Classes (p. 249–260)


Živorad Marković, Goran Šekeljić (informative article)

Cross Country Running Competitions of Primary School Students  (p. 261–270)


Marija Ivanović, Danijela Sudzilovski (professional article)

Education Through Play in the Field of Music – Contribution of Montessori Method (p. 271–282)


Branka Arsović (professional article)

Tendencies in Future Education Development – Personalized and Adaptive e-Learning (p. 283–292)





Danijela Sudzilovski

A Contribution to the Preservation of National Education

[Biljana Beloica Pavlović and Dragana Cicović Sarajlić (2018).

National Education in the Teaching of Music Culture.

Kosovska Mitrovica: University of Priština,

Faculty of Teacher Education in Prizren – Leposavić,

Faculty of Arts in Priština – Zvečan] (p. 295–297)


Daliborka Purić

Following the Trail of Childrenʼs Understanding of Literature

[Buba Stojanović and Danijela Mišić (2018).                                              

Childrenʼs Worlds in Books – Possibilities of Interpretation.                                 

Vranje: Faculty of Education, 232 pages] (p. 298–299)

Jelena Maksimović

Research Guides to Educational Practice

[Milenko Kundačina and Jelena Stamatović (2018).                                                      Research of Educational Practice and Writing of Research Papers.                                                               Just a Step, 198 pages] (p. 300–302)